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I have this curious friend with longer hands who went through his girlfriend’s phone.
The reason he went through her phone is, he says, to find out how he was saved.

To his surprise, his name wasn’t registered anywhere.

He typed his name in the search space and there were no results found. He typed his first name, nothing.

He typed in ‘babe’ but nothing came.

He just sat there and wondered, “Is this really her phone?”

The little Einstein in him suggested that he simply dial the number and see what name will be displayed.

He did. And he was saved as ‘sis’.

Not sister, but ‘sis’. He politely put her phone down and stood up. Sad and broken.

Anyway, to cut the story short, they are no longer seeing each other.

It ended. Tell us 9javiper,

Does It Matter How Your Partner Save Your Numbers On Their Phones?

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